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The Course


Half Marathon
The Half Marathon features a combination of running/bike paths, neighborhoods and country roads. Much of the course runs along the beautiful Umpqua River. There will be water and electrolyte stations (Gatorade) every 1-2 miles, a GU fuel station about mile 8, and first aid stations about mile 5, 10 and at the finish.  There will also be portable restrooms available about mile 5 and 10 along with the start and finish.



 The 10K course stays within the Stewart Park bike/running path system.




The 5K course stays within the Stewart Park bike/running path system.


The Kids Marathon Final Mile

The Kid's Final Mile is an out and back that stays within the Stewart Park bike/running path system

Course Rules:

Respect your Fellow Participant: Please be considerate of all other participants.  There are places where the course narrows or is on the shoulder of country roads.  Please be aware of other participants and their safety.  Where applicable, please stay to the right so others may pass. 

Baby Stollers/Joggers - To ensure the safety for all participants baby strollers, joggers, baby carriers, in-line skates, bicyclists or unregistered runners are not allowed on the half marathon course.  Strollers and joggers are allowed on the 5K and 10K  course, but please be mindful of other participants and make room for them to get around you if needed. 

Dogs - No animals are allowed on any of the courses.